Xbox Scorpio Release

Xbox Scorpio Release

The release of new videogame consoles is always accompanied by a media frenzy, both on traditional and digital media! The Big 3—Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo—may have a loyal following of their own, but their followers can easily and quickly change preferences with each new release.

This isn’t surprising as new releases are more likely to offer better features and functions than their predecessors and, thus, even diehard fans may switch their allegiance.

This is true for the upcoming release of the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft’s soon-to-be newest release. Here’s what we know so far that we deem a must-know for Xbox fans, past and present.

Official name announced: Xbox Scorpio Release

Microsoft initially called the game console Project Scorpio, a name that stuck around for months after it was announced. But in a recent announcement, the software titan has announced that it will henceforth called as Xbox One X.

We don’t think that it’s a creative name considering that there’s already an Xbox One, an Xbox One S, and the Xbox 360 but Microsoft has a reason behind it. Even the Xbox Project Scorpio tag has a nice ring to it but since we live in a society where “X” stands for extreme things— think of the Xtreme games—and we can understand the new moniker.

Sleek appearance guaranteed

Microsoft has also touted that it will be the smallest Xbox yet. This means that users can actually carry it in their messenger bags or backpacks and, thus, enjoy portable gaming, sort of. The expected profile is sleeker, slimmer and sexier, too, so even adults will want to buy it for themselves, aside from the usual “It’s for the kids” statement.

But we also daresay that the Xbox One X shares several similarities in physical appearance to the Xbox One S. Many hardcore gamers will agree that it looks significantly like the One S’ matte black version, which is a boon or a bane depending on where you stand with the aesthetics of the Xbox One’s update.

But one thing is for sure. The Xbox One X will definitely be a game console worthy to be flaunted!

Powerful capacity expected

But what’s a beautiful machine on the outside when it’s a lumbering beast on the inside? Fortunately, this isn’t the case with the One X! Microsoft has also promised consumers that it will be the “most powerful console ever made” —and it’s a bold claim that its competitors, Sony and Nintendo, will definitely challenge in the coming months.

What makes it such a must-have when it’s released on November 7, 2017? According to Microsoft, the One X enables its players to play all the available Xbox One games, as well as work with all the controllers in your collection. The fully backwards compatibility of the game console means that everything you worked so hard for, so to speak, will not be lost.

Plus, the game console will offer improved overall performance on these games! This is due to two design aspects: First, it has 6 teraflops of performance, the highest in the industry so far; and second, it is fully capable of 4K graphics.

The 4K capability is a welcome addition to its list of features for many reasons. More and more homeowners are buying 4K-enabled television sets so it’s a logical step that the latest releases of game consoles are already compatible with them. The native quality makes it so much easier and faster to set up the game console.

But even for people who don’t yet own a 4K television, there’s good news—the games in Xbox One X have customizable graphics settings for every type of display. Even when your television is only at the 1080p range, you can still set the One X at its UHD setting, which can then be downscaled to 1080p. You may also keep the 1080p resolution but level up the One X’s graphics settings.

The result: You will enjoy sharper images, finer details, and clearer graphics than ever before. Since part of an enjoyable gaming experience lies in image quality, you are guaranteed a better experience for it!

The Xbox One X has an 8-core processor running at 2.3GHz. While it doesn’t sound impressive for hardcore PC gamers—and admittedly it isn’t much by their standards—we have to emphasize that console processors are placed inside significantly smaller spaces.  We daresay that the One X is as powerful as it can get in a game console—at least, until the next-gen game console comes along.

When you purchase the One X, you will also get a 1TB hard disk and a UHD Blu-ray player. The initial release price may be half of what you will pay for a games-capable PC but every dollar will be worth it, thanks to such great features.


The Xbox One X has been hyped for many months now and the wait will soon be over. Judging from the information released by Microsoft, it will be worth the wait!

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