Xbox One S 2TB Console – Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle Review

Xbox One S 2TB Console - Gears of War 4 Limited Edition Bundle Review

Microsoft is a titan in every sense of the word—and it definitely proves it with innovative products like the Xbox One console series. But with stiff competition from Nintendo and Sony, which rounds up the Big 3 of the gaming console industry, Bill Gates’ company is kept on its toes.

The questions then: Is the Xbox One S a worthy successor to the Xbox 360? Is it worth the extra money if you already own the Xbox One?

The answers to these questions aren’t black-and-white as in the case of the choice between, say, the 2005 Xbox 360 and the 2010 Xbox 360 S. We have to say that choosing between buying the One S and not buying it is tricky when you already have the One in your hands. Let’s take a look at the factors that may well change your mind, nonetheless, so that you will actually buy the Xbox One S 2TB Console.

Features of The Xbox One S 2TB Console – Gears of War 4 Limited Edition

The Xbox One S 2Tb console bundle comes with the following components:

  • Xbox One S 2TB console
  • Crimson Omen controller
  • Full game download of Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition
  • Vertical stand
  • Six gear packs
  • Limited edition console pack
  • In-game items
  • Season pass

With the system, you can play more than 100 console games as well as many more Xbox 360 games on the One S. You can also watch 4K Blu-ray movies and stream 4K video, assuming that you have a 4K-capable television. You may also play games on Kinect for Xbox One by using the USB Xbox Kinect Adapter, which the manufacturer is offering for free.

Let’s take a closer look at the hardware and software now that we know the compatibility features of the One S. While the Xbox One and the Xbox One S have nearly similar names, their overall looks are significantly different. The One S has a slimmer profile than the One – 9.125” x 11.7” x 2.5” against 13.1” x 10.8” x 3.1” —and it also appears to float, thus, resulting in a more elegant look.

Plus, there’s also the lighter weight of the One S at just 6.4 lbs.; the One weighs 7.8 lbs. Just think about the possibility of actually carrying the One S in your backpack or messenger bag so it ups the ante on portability. Even the white chassis complemented by black accents make it more suitable for display, while the ventilation vents are circular perforations with a 5” fan opening.

The ports at the back and front are more user friendly. There’s an IR blaster, an important console addition, as well as a remote that can control the streaming apps (i.e., the Kinect sensor isn’t necessary). The ports at the back include HDMI input and output, two USB 3.0 connections, optional audio, IR output, and Ethernet jack, as well as a built-in stand for vertical positioning of the console.

The controller for the One S is a huge improvement over the Xbox One released in 2013. We like its rounded seams and responsive shoulder buttons, in contrast with the One’s sharper edges and stiffer buttons. We also appreciate the joypad’s functionality as a Bluetooth controller and its better grip, thanks to its underside’s subtle texture.

The bottom line: You don’t have to buy the expensive Xbox One Elite controller. This may be necessary for many gamers but you now have a choice to skip it.

But there’s a glitch in the software that shouldn’t be there considering Microsoft’s experience with the Xbox One. Since there’s no Windows Anniversary update, the system requires large updates before it can be used out of the box—or to say it in another way, its headline features cannot be used immediately without the updates. The length of time it takes to update the system varies depending on the speed of your connection, but 45 minutes is common.

Once the updates have been completed, you can start enjoying 4K UHD streaming, HDR video, and Ultra HD Blu-ray playback. Unfortunately, the Blu-ray player app isn’t pre-installed, which can be a challenge to install for beginners.

The good news: When everything’s on and running, the system runs smoothly. You can listen to music, play games, and navigate the dashboard to access the console’s apps and games.


  • Slimmer profile and lighter weight for better portability
  • Quieter operations
  • With a UHD Blu-ray drive
  • Excellent gamepad
  • Wide range of music, games and apps to choose from


4K Blu-ray playback and 4K streaming apps must first be installed before these can be used


The Xbox One S 2TB Console is an upgrade from the 2013 Xbox One S in many respects. The slimmer and lighter profile makes it more suitable for the on-the-go lifestyle, while its controller is a joy to use in comparison with its older version.

But the need for software updates is an inconvenience for gamers who want out-of-the box functionality. The highly satisfactory overall performance—faster frame rates and loading times—more than compensates for such a glitch. The Xbox One S 2TB Console is then a good buy if you’re looking for a better alternative to its older version.

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