PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console Review

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console Review

Sony continues to make its mark on the video gaming industry despite the challenges its competitors and customers have thrown—and continues to throw, for that matter—its way. The PlayStation 4 Pro console is a better version of its predecessor, the three-year old PS4, with its bigger profile, more powerful capacity, and better compatibility with HDR video and 4K.

In fact, Sony itself markets it as the “super-charged PS4,” an apt description for many reasons. The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console, which was previously known as PS4K, PS4 Neo, and PS4.5, isn’t a next-gen console but, again, the better version of its predecessor. The “better” aspect comes in the form of Sony’s focus on the console’s overall gaming fidelity and performance.

Should you buy it now? Read on so that you will get more information about it and, hopefully, make a better decision about its purchase.

Features of The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

According to Sony’s marketing materials, the PS4 Pro has the following features that makes it a must-have for enthusiastic gamers who want the next best thing before the release of its PS5 or the like.

  • Compatible with all PS4 games
  • Up to 4K streaming
  • With 4K auto-upscaling
  • Rich visuals

The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console has a bulkier profile than its predecessor, even its competitors. It has a slightly taller height than the PS4, as well as being wider and deeper in its dimensions. It then appears less like a box and more of a slab, which can either be a boon or a bane depending on your preference for size in consoles. Besides, the PS4 Pro’s larger engine merits a larger box.

There have also been changes to the overall design of the box. While its parallelogram shape has remained, there are none of the sharp curves since there are more rounded edges.

The matte black plastic has a premium look to it but the cheap-looking eject and power buttons need improvement. The 3-deck design also adds to the bulky feel, not to mention that it causes confusion about whether the extra deck is actually a disk drive—it isn’t.

There are two hidden USB ports at the front, a feature in the PS4, and a third port at the back for charging the controller. The PS4 Pro’s connections are the same as its predecessor including power, albeit a kettle lead instead of the figure-of-eight cable, optical out, HDMI out, Ethernet, and Aux for its compatible PS4 camera.

The PS4 Pro’s engine is more powerful than the PS4, approximately twice the power upon testing by our enthusiastic gamers. You can look forward to faster games, which means that there will be a lesser number of frame rate drops, especially in demanding games.

You should also be able to enjoy more intense games because of such increased power. This is because the console features an advanced SATA3 hard drive, which transfers data faster and which also makes loading times faster. Even big games like Hitman and Grand Theft Auto V load and plays faster than in the PS4.

But its power isn’t the only thing that attracted us to the PS4 Pro. We love its compatibility with 4K and HDR, both of which are now a must for high-powered gaming at home. Basically, you will get sharper images with greater clarity and finer details when playing games, thanks to the enhanced visuals.

In terms of noise generated, the PS4 Pro produces an audible noise due to the spinning disk and the speeding fan. But when everything’s properly installed, the console is significantly quieter than its predecessor, especially when the television’s on.

The new controller isn’t exactly new since there are only slight changes from the slim PS4 controller. The controller’s functionality largely remains, such as the face buttons, analogue sticks, and Options/Share buttons. In general, these changes have been largely aesthetic in nature, in stark contrast with the meatier performance changes in the Xbox One S.


  • Spectacular graphics, thanks to the HDR and 4K capability
  • Faster loading and game times
  • Quieter operations
  • Enhanced play for several PSVR and PS4 games


  • Absence of 4K Blu-ray compatibility
  • No significant changes in the controller when there’s always room for improvement here


If you’re new to Sony’s PlayStation universe, you will find the PS4 Pro is a great choice. The great overall performance of the console is a sufficient reason to buy it, although we must also say that its high-end gaming experience is yet another reason for doing so.

If you already have the PS4, then you may be having second doubts because the PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console isn’t exactly the next-gen console but only an upgrade from its predecessor. But if you’re looking for better graphics and gaming experience, then you should buy it, especially when you’re looking for both HDR and 4K capability. For now, we have to say that it’s one of the best games consoles on the market.

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