How much is my game console worth?

How much is my game console worth

If you are a video game enthusiast, chances are you have a bunch of consoles sitting around your entertainment area. You’ve heard it plenty of times; if you ask someone to get rid of an old system they’ll say,

“Do you have any idea how much this is going to be worth some day?” But is this true? Do game consoles actually become more worthwhile years down the road, or is this a myth? How much is my game console worth? This is what we are going to be going through today, and getting down to the truth of it all.

The video game system you have

So right now, we encourage you to take a second and set out any video game system that you have. From the oldest to the newest system—what is the oldest system you have? Is it an old Atari system? Is it an old NES system? The first XBOX? Whatever you have, bring them all out and take a look at them. What do they look like? Do all of them work? Setting up a list to guide you is going to help you.

The state of the console: How much is my game console worth?

A lot to do with the worth of a game console is its state. Even if you have the oldest system on the planet, if it is battered up and bruised and does not work, it is useless. There are plenty of old systems, such as N64 or Sega, that were beat up over time (with kids playing with them for years), and they simply do not work anymore.

We hate to break it to you, but if this happens that console is worthless. Collectors are not interested in old systems that do not work. They want consoles that work and work great. Back when you were a child with your first system, you were probably not thinking ahead and saying, “I should really take care of this to sell it in the future,” you just wanted to play it then.

So if you have an old system that is really destroyed, chances are it is worth nothing. You can always take it in for parts and see if you can squeeze anything out of it, but the chances are not likely.

On the other side of things, if you have a classic system that works good as new, and also looks good as new, things can be promising for you. Ensure that you have all the wires and a bunch of games for that system and now it is time to see how much it is really worth!

The worth of the system

To be completely honest, the real money lies in two things: video game consoles that pre-date 1985 that still work great, and consoles that are unopened. The latter is definitely where most of the money lies. We have heard stories about people saving N64’s that are unopened and selling them for around $10,000.

But as soon as they are opened, they instantly lose value, and the more they have been played the less they are worth. If you have any system that predates the 80’s and is unopened you are in luck and can make a pretty penny.

All of the new systems, from PlayStation and onwards are not really worth all that much. The XBOX 360 is around $80-100, depending on where you sell it. The Wii Console is even less at around $60-80, and PlayStation 3 is around $115-130. Even the older Sega Dreamcast system is only around $20-40.

This is because you can still buy these systems on the current market for this price point, and they are not unique and they are still accessible. If all of the old Wii’s were gone from the market, then yes, maybe yours would go up in price.


If you are interested in raising the current worth of your system, we recommend trying to clean it the best you can and put it away. If you want to invest in the future, you can buy a completely new system (such as the PlayStation VR system) and do not open it, but that is going to take a lot of willpower for sure! We wish you the best!

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